With the recent news of FACEBOOK going public with its stock, it got me to thinking about the uses of FACEBOOK in our small business but also for customers and people who spend some time on the social media network. Yarbrough Bros Towing has had a company page on FACEBOOK for a couple years now and it is mostly there for friends and family to keep in touch, hear road warnings and alerts and play some fun games to win Yarbrough Bros Towing sweatshirts, t shirts or hats every now and then. But it really is a good communication tool for getting the word out quickly and efficiently when things come up like AAA's Tipsy Tow program dates for free tow's, check points on certain holiday weekends, bad weather or inclimate driving conditions etc. We even use it to thank some of our vendors and commercial accounts for using our services. FACEBOOK can keep your business in the NOW with the younger crowd who more and more, do not use the yellow pages or print ads for looking up services but rather a search on FACEBOOK or some other search engine like GOOGLE, BING or YAHOO, although YAHOO is associated with SBC/AT&T which also owns the yellow pages and YP.COM so not sure how independent and user driven it is. All in all though, FACEBOOK reaches your media and market pretty well, letting them now your services and events as well as some feedback as to what to present or post. Pretty nifty. SO, if you do not already, please follow Yarbrough Bros Towing on FACEBOOK and/or Twitter and check out this website often.

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