a few tips on fuel efficiency

Here are a few tips on how to save fuel in your car or truck Sonoma County. First, replace or clean your cars air filter. A clean filter can save you up to 10% in fuel efficiency. Next, get an two or four wheel alignment. Tires that do not track straight create resistance on the pavement which can result in a loss of up to 10% in fuel economy. We strongly suggest keeping your vehicle properly tuned up as a smooth running engine can save you as much as 4% in fuel. Back to the subject of tires, properly inflated tires can save one as much as 2% per 7 lbs of incorrect air pressure in your tires and the most simple suggestion to saving as much as 7% of fuel economy is to obey the speed laws on the highways. For trucks and those of us who store "junk in our trunk", try to lessen the load of unnecessary items as these can decrease your fuel economy for every 100lbs of excess weight. Another fuel saving driving tip would be to avoid herky jerky stop and goes and avoid riding the brakes all of which reduce fuel economy.

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