Towing for Motor Clubs

Sorry that i have not been on my blog lately, but with the move to the new site, 2014 is going to be busy.

Yesterday I had the unfortunate task of returning a call to a disgruntled motor club member. He was upset that our company could not render service for him and wanted to know why? I had to tell him it was not a matter of whether or not we COULD render the service but rather what HIS motor club covered under their "terms of service". He had an unregistered, uninsured vehicle that he had just purchased from a salvage yard and wanted to use his Emergency Road Service membership to tow it a little over 100 miles. Typically, if a CUSTOMER (retail or commercial paying) wants to hire Yarbrough Bros Towing to tow a vehicle from one spot to another, we set it up, set a price and handle the tow accordingly. However, this member was wanting to abuse his membership that specifically excluded the use that he was attempting. Unfortunately, he was taking his anger out on us and not his motor club. This happens way more often than you would think. We have to deny service based on exclusions to the membership that the motor club should be advising their membership BEFORE the call even gets to us. We don't like to be the bad guys but if the Motor club is not going to pay for the service, we are not going to do it for free. What is really sad is that after all is said and done, my company incurred the cost of handling the whole thing what with the dispatcher speaking to the member, the tow truck driver responding to the call, the motor club talking to us on the phone and then my half an hour on the phone reiterating what my support staff already said.......for no compensation. UGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

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