Towing Santa Rosa, Dependable

Thought i would share a compliment that we here at Yarbrough Bros Towing received the other day from a mom of a new high school graduate. Back ground of the story is we got a call from a recently graduated High School Senior who's car had broke down out here in Santa Rosa and she needed to get back home to Cloverdale. Anyway, her car would not start late at night and she was at a friends house so she started calling around for help. Our night driver responded and towed her, a friend and her car with out any complications or difficulties back to Cloverdale. Well a couple days later, we received the call from the mother of the student thanking us as she was very frantic the night of the break down as she was at the time unable to get down here herself to help. She said, "it is such a relief to know that your kind of people are out there helping motorists, you guys are very DEPENDABLE!" I really liked the sound of that "DEPENDABLE". The mother stated that her daughter and friend felt completely at ease with the professionalism of our driver and that he "was not scary in the least" too which i laughed at. Yarbrough Bros Towing has been keeping Sonoma County moving since 1977 and we are proud of the fact that the new generation of drivers along with our current customers strongly believe in us and that they can trust us to take care of their motoring needs. Thanks for the call.


Nice! Only shows that there

By Round Rock Towing (not verified) on 10 August 2012 - 2:04am

Nice! Only shows that there are lots of reputable registered towing company everywhere to tow your vehicle in case of emergency or provide you their services when you need to tow your vehicle for transportation.

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