Please Drive Safe as School is Open!

As 1000's of students around Sonoma County get ready to start the 2010-2011 school year, Yarbrough Bros Towing would like to remind drivers to slow down in anticipation for the increased presence of children & students in and around school zones. As parents & school buses drop our children off & pick them up, traffic congestion will be on the rise during the early morning & afternoon hours.

Here are some tips and words of advice to consider;

* Adhere to the School zone speed limits. They are set low for a reason. Children are unpredictable and often cannot gauge the distance and speed of an approaching car.
* Be aware and on the look out for Crossing guards. Those reflective vest adorn adults & volunteers are a sure sign that children will be present and that you are approaching a school zone.
* Stop practicing the California Stop. Come to a complete stop at intersections with stop signs or red lights and be aware of cross walks and the potential for a pedestrian to step off the curb to cross.
* Follow the LAW with regard to loading and unloading school buses. Come to a complete stop behind or approaching a school bus with its flashing stop sign extended rather than attempting to pass it.
* Practice good driving habits with relation to attention to the road. Minimize your distractions so that you will have more time to react if something or someone crosses your way.

From our Family to yours, Yarbrough Bros Towing would like to promote the "SCHOOLS OPEN" awareness campaign to keep our kids safe and sound.

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