Towing in Rohnert Park HEAT

We all know about the 101 construction going on in Rohnert Park & Cotati. You have probably been caught in it a lot if you commute, and if you are just passing through, it is pretty congested. However, with the high heat temperatures finally catching up to Sonoma County, this area can be a field day for vehicle over heats. Just yesterday i responded to a couple of vehicles on the freeway that had overheated. The first one i ended up Towing in Rohnert Park to a local shop however the second one just wanted to wait to see if it would cool down. I was able to convince the party to let me move them off the freeway out of the construction zone and to the park and ride in Cotati. If you see your temp gauge rising into the red, roll your windows down, turn your A/C off (if it is on) and turn your heater on full bore while attempting to move over safely to the shoulder or off of the freeway. Do NOT attempt to open the radiator cap of your sealed cooling system as you may get burned due to the pressurized cooling system. I think one of the parties water pumps had begun to go out and the other may have been a stuck thermostat in the open position but what ever the case, both were Towed in Rohnert Park from the 101 corridor amongst all that construction.

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