in Santa Rosa Towing today

Got a interesting flag down this morning as i was in Santa Rosa Towing a Buick across town. This nice older lady was at the curb waving her hands around to get me to stop, which i did to make sure all was ok. When i asked her what was going on she indicated that she was backing out of a space at the store there and had hit a lamp pole (the concrete base) and now her Ford Escape would not start. I figured it had to be the fuel shut off and when i went to find it OH my did she have a LOT of stuff back there. I finally got to it, reset it and she was on her way. Apparently the impact was enough to trigger the switch. Anyway, off she was and back to Towing in Santa Rosa i went. FYI, some of the Escapes have two fuel shut offs, one in the back on inner quarter and one in the front by the foot board. Just in case.

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