May 2010

Western States Tow Show 2010

Congratulations to Mark Pechanic & Mike Iturribarria from Yarbrough Bros Towing for coming in 1st & 3rd respectively in the CTTA Redwood Chapter Tow Truck Drivers Competition that was held at the Petaluma Fairground May 22nd. There were 21 drivers from around the area and the course was measured out pretty tight this year to more closely reflect the actual course that will be run in Reno on June 5th for the Western States Tow Show. Victor from Bonneau's Towing & Service in Sonoma came in 2nd.

Redwood Chapter CTTA Drivers Competition

For those of you who are members of the Redwood Chapter of CTTA and their family/friends, the annual Drivers Competition is this weekend May 22nd. Yarbrough Bros Towing, Bay Bridge Garage, Sebastopol Towing, Cloverdale Tow, Corte Madera Tow, Bonneau's and American Tow Service will all be hosting/sponsoring the local competition which will have drivers from all around the Redwood Chapter navigating a predetermined course exhibiting their skills while driving through an offset alley, slalom course, parallell & perpindicular parking spaces as well as a timed event.

Medium Duty Towing

Friday Yarbrough Bros Towing gets a call to help out another towing company for a Medium Duty Tow to Oakland. The truck to be towed was going to an Oakland steel company to be crushed. I was to pick it up in Sebastopol and tow it to Oakland, stand by in Oakland and watch the thing get destroyed. Pretty cool. The only problem was that all the fluid in the vehicle had been drained (in preperation for demolish) so i could not have the rear end spinning during the long tow. I went ahead and pulled the rear axles, which was cool in itself, and then towed it to Oakland.

Road Service & Towing in Santa Rosa

One of Yarbrough Bros Towings drivers came in last night and proclaimed "i like it better when Towing in Santa Rosa is busier than slow". I agree. Hopefully it is a trend of things to come in the whole economy but the last week has been busy for Road Service in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Cotati. Whether it is requests for Battery Service, jump starts, lock outs or fuel delivery, it is nice to see the calls coming in. Towing in Santa Rosa has also been slightly busier than the past quarter as the weather is getting warmer.

Battery Service in Santa Rosa

Good morning Santa Rosa. Today our Battery Service drivers are out and about testing car batteries and conducting mobile installation's for customers all over Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and Windsor. We have been experiencing several low charge situations where the car may have not been being driven over the winter and now the enthusiast wants to use it for the nice weather. We have installed new batteries in about half of those calls however the other half have tested good but low charge. We suggest purchasing a battery tender or small trickle charger as some people call them.

Recovery on a F550 dump truck

So i get a call on an F550 Dump truck up in Healdsburg. Real nice guy doing some hauling got stuck slightly off the road in a field before he could dump his mulch. I headed up there in 230 and when i arrived on the scene, not only was he stuck, but he was stuck up to the frame on the left rear side and the four wheel drive had dug in up to the rear axle. Fortunately he was only a few feet from pavement so i was able to back up pretty close to him, use a good 30 degree angle, four snatch blocks to even the casualty load out onto four lines and lift him up and out of the rut.

Watch out for bicyclists & motorcyclists

Hey Sonoma County, as the weather gets nicer & the temperature rises, more of us two wheeled enthusiasts are going to be hitting the roads & bike lanes so lets while we are out driving around Santa Rosa and the beautiful surrounding areas, lets keep our eyes out for the bicyclists and motorcyclists and truly share the road. I know i like to take the mountain bike out but sometimes i do use the bike lanes to get to the park and as such would really appreciate the extra caution.