June 2010

Towing Safely

At the last safety refresher for the Freeway Service Patrol program that Yarbrough Bros Towing participates in, a presentation given by one of the Officers was regarding Dolly Towing. The topic was "Dolly Tow, a state of mind". I liked it for the simple reason that not many people outside of our industry actually know or realize what dollies do or how they operate. The demonstration involved utilizing the "In The Ditch Speed Dolly" system with the patented cam lock system. These dollies are by far the best innovation for towers in a long time.

Motorcycle Towing, Santa Rosa

Had to tow a custom Harley Davidson Friday in Santa Rosa towing it to the south part of town from up around Codding Town. This reminded me that not many know that Yarbrough Bros Towing has two specialized tow/motorcycle dollies that go up on one of our SIX Flatbeds. This apperatus secures the front tire of the motorcycle in a tray that allows the bike to stay upright securely facing the direction that it would normally ride in. This will ensure that wind shear does not damage the fairing or anything else that may catch wind.


TowingSantaRosa motorists has been a specialty for Yarbrough Bros Towing since the start back in 1977 but not many know that in the early 1980's we employed the use of service trucks pioneering the idea of "on the go". Most often, the motorist wanted the vehicle started or running so they could get where they were going in the first place. We here at Yarbrough Bros Towing saw the need to have a faster responding, more economical answer to the conventional Tow Truck.

RV/Trailer Towing in Santa Rosa

Just the other day Yarbrough Brothers Towing got a call to move a 30 ft 5th wheel for a customer as their truck was broken and could no longer haul this for them. It was a simple hook up and delivery but the customer was surprised that we could do it with our tow trucks and not some regular 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck. Here at Yarbrough Brothers Towing, we have two custom 5th wheel trailer attachments that can be set up on any one of our light duty tow trucks, and one that assembles to our Medium Duty truck.

Mobile Battery Service & Sales

Most of you know that Yarbrough Bros Towing offers Emergency Roadside Assistance and Service 24 hours a day however, did you know that one of our 5 Battery Service vehicles is available 24 hours as well. Our Ford F550 Tow Truck carries a limited amount of batteries on it so if you are in need of a new battery between the hours of 7pm and 7am there is a good chance that it will have the battery you need readily available.

Towing in Santa Rosa

Yesterday was a busy day for Towing in Santa Rosa for Yarbrough Brothers Towing. I was out from the beginning of my shift to the end of it and the day seemed to fly by. We covered Fort Bragg, Willits, Point Reyes, San Francisco, Oakland and everywhere in between it seemed. Road service on the Tuesday after Memorial Day is usually busy but it just felt busier. Stand by for the day was at a minimum, which is always good for the guys as it makes the day seem shorter in the truck.