August 2010

in Santa Rosa Towing today

Got a interesting flag down this morning as i was in Santa Rosa Towing a Buick across town. This nice older lady was at the curb waving her hands around to get me to stop, which i did to make sure all was ok. When i asked her what was going on she indicated that she was backing out of a space at the store there and had hit a lamp pole (the concrete base) and now her Ford Escape would not start. I figured it had to be the fuel shut off and when i went to find it OH my did she have a LOT of stuff back there. I finally got to it, reset it and she was on her way.

Towing in Rohnert Park HEAT

We all know about the 101 construction going on in Rohnert Park & Cotati. You have probably been caught in it a lot if you commute, and if you are just passing through, it is pretty congested. However, with the high heat temperatures finally catching up to Sonoma County, this area can be a field day for vehicle over heats. Just yesterday i responded to a couple of vehicles on the freeway that had overheated. The first one i ended up Towing in Rohnert Park to a local shop however the second one just wanted to wait to see if it would cool down.

Please Drive Safe as School is Open!

As 1000's of students around Sonoma County get ready to start the 2010-2011 school year, Yarbrough Bros Towing would like to remind drivers to slow down in anticipation for the increased presence of children & students in and around school zones. As parents & school buses drop our children off & pick them up, traffic congestion will be on the rise during the early morning & afternoon hours.

Here are some tips and words of advice to consider;

Rohnert Park Recovery

Tuesday morning we received a call from a fence Company based in San Leandro. They had a truck that was stuck in a field in Rohnert Park. They asked my dispatch if we handled "towing in Rohnert Park" and if we could send someone out to help them. After a few questions by dispatch, it was discovered that the truck was literally stuck 150 feet in the middle of a field, up to its axles. The truck was only a 1 ton dually but it had a 12 foot stake bed on it and was loaded with fencing materials. Well out I went in 230 (Medium Duty Truck) to assess the scene.