September 2010

Video Blog #3. A few tips to help you improve your vehicles fuel efficiency.

Hello Sonoma County, here is our Video Blog #3 with a few tips that may help you increase your vehicles fuel efficiency.


Video Blog #2-quick list of items to keep in your personal vehicle.


video blog on youtube

Hello everyone, just a note to advise you that we at Yarbrough Bros Towing are starting a video blog on youtube that you can follow for little factoids, roadside safety info, towing safety, information and such. The first blog was while we were in tow from an CHP accident requesting two trucks that was blocking the roadway during the early morning. The road was slick due to a bit of drizzle, dew and cold weather. Check it out.


Road Service in Rohnert Park

Yesterday i was responding to a call for Road Service in Rohnert Park. The customer had a flat tire and was not sure he had a good spare. When i got there, they indeed did have a good spare and the tire that was flat was beyond repairing by the tire shop (blowout). Anyway, as i was installing the spare, the customer asked me about replacing the tires and what type to get. It got me thinking about the styles, brands and sizes of tires and all the information on the side wall of a tire.