Road Service

For those of us commuters who travel the freeway system or highways in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County for that matter, you have seen your fair share of broken down cars. If you have ever broken down on one of those thoroughfares than you can relate to wanting help out there fast. As you know, Yarbrough Bros Towing is an Independent Contractor for a rather large Motor Club. However, that club is only one of probably at least 12 other motor clubs or road service companies nation wide. Having said that, each motor club has its own policies for what it will or will not cover, how much they want or don't want to pay. Some utilize their own dispatch service while others contract with a bigger logistics company for the communication side of the transaction. All in all, each Motor Club has its system set up to collect money from the motorist and in return provide that ROAD SERVICE in the event of a breakdown. WELL, not all clubs are the same and neither are the companies responding. My friend happened to call me recently with an issue involving her wait time for the service responder for her particular club. Apparently, her Motor Club advised her upon first notification of the call for road service, that the company they "use" would be approximately 45 minutes out. Not too bad, but after she had waited for 60 minutes, she called them back and the agent told her that "due to the company they used coming from Cloverdale, it would be another 45 minutes". At this point, my friend called us, we responded within 20 minutes, delivering her the fuel she needed to get off the road. She took our receipt, which was very reasonable, and applied for reimbursement. She sent that copy of the bill with a letter expressing her disdain for the poor service and wouldn't you know it, the Motor Club reimbursed her the full amount. I called the number she had for her Motor Club and asked why they did not have a company closer to Santa Rosa for better service response and the operator referred me to a home office which in return, referred me to a website for contact information. Man, it sure seems easier to just call Yarbrough Bros Towing rather than wait for some out of town company to maybe respond in the next hour or two. Our team of dispatches will advise callers of expected delays in our eta or if it indeed would be better to contact a more local towing company for any and ALL-CITY 's that they may have broken down in other than Santa Rosa.

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