Emergency Road Side Service, Santa Rosa

Emergency Road Service can be anyone of the many services we here at Yarbrough Bros Towing provide to the motoring public in Santa Rosa on an hourly basis. The call could be for a tire change on a busy street, Highway or Freeway. It could be for Fuel Delivery or a jump start, it could be for a tow or it could be simply for a lock out of your vehicle. This last service, lockouts, reminds me of one just last Tuesday night where we were responding to a newer Ford Mustang that the customer could not get into her car. I get to the parking lot, proceed to introduce my self and making sure everything is ok before just opening the car. Well, the customer says to me, "my key won't unlock the door anymore" too which she hands me the key, i put it into the drivers door cylinder and it does not turn. Fits perfectly in it, is cut like a Ford key but just not turning. I use the FOB (keyless entry button) and it too does not work. Curiously, i ask if these are the keys for this car too which she states, " i did drive here with them". Ok, i grab my lock outs from my truck and as i am about to open the door, her friend comes out of the shop and says, "wait, i have your key and you have mine". Apparently, she had dropped her keys next to one another, and they got the Ford key mixed up with the Mercury SUV key. Kind of an emergency right. Never a dull moment in the Emergency Road Service business here in Santa Rosa or all city towing for that matter.

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