Dead Battery

Signs that your vehicles Battery may be in need of replacement or getting close too. The most common sound you will hear when trying to start your car when you have a dead battery is "click click click click" in rapid succession. This is typically when the battery has just enough juice to turn the starter cylinoid over but not the starter. The often heard "CLICK......" once & then nothing is usually when the battery does not have enough power to even turn the cylinoid more than once OR the starter is going bad. Every now and then, you will hear a partial turn over like "Errrrrer..." which is that the battery may have life left but not enough to crank the engine or the ground is bad. First, before EVER tinkering with your battery, get gloves & eye protection on. Then, check that your ground & positive connections are free of corrosion build up. A bad ground or positive connection will shorten your batteries life extremely quick. If you have had to jump start your car in the mornings more than once and you could not find anything that was left on, this could be a sign of a bad ground connection. It could also be as a result of a bad or going bad alternator. If the battery is not getting a proper charge from the alternator it will not HOLD the charge and thus not start when called upon. The best course of action to determine which of the above battery related problems you may be experiancing is to give Yarbrough Bros Towing a call and get one of our five Battery Service Vehicles dispatched to you to check it out. We can do a mobile diagnostic of your vehicles charging system, life of the car/truck battery or if it is a bad or suspect ground. So if you are in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park or surrounding area, give us a call and we can figure out what that sound is.

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