Cold Weather Expected to Hit North Bay.

As you know, the cold weather is still here and News Stations are predicting snow at Sea level. As such, black ice, slippery when wet and wet road advisories will be in place for the roadways of Sonoma County. Anticipate the unexpected and give yourself and other drivers an extra cushion. Adhere to the wet road advisory of decreasing your speeds on the roads and highways, increasing your following distances between vehicles and drive extra cautious to give yourself more reaction time. Be aware that areas surrounding Santa Rosa such as Grange, Crane Canyon, Markwest Springs Road, Calistoga Rd and such will encounter more inclement road hazards than normal. Take those corners slower, brake easier, watch out for slick surfaces at on ramps and off ramps, overpasses and bridges and anywhere that moisture may build up at or not dry out fast enough. Also, allow for more time during your commute as there may be more accidents on the roadways that can cause delays. Yarbrough Bros Towing will be staffing up for Towing in Santa Rosa, emergency roadside assistance increased volume and Battery Service calls.

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