Nice looking Tow Truck

This morning a package was delivered to our Tow Yard in Santa Rosa coming from AAA in Emeryville. The package is not the reason for this Blog, nor is it AAA but rather, the condition and appearance of the shipping companies van that they delivered the package in. Trust me, we understand the costs of running a fleet, keeping them looking nice, running good and all that those entail. HOWEVER, this delivery company that brought this small package, showed up in a yellow Ford van that had NO company logo or name on it, dents and scratches all over and a extremely damaged rear bumper while being in a dire need of a bath. There was no lettering or such on the van to even hint at who the shipping company was. Nowadays, you would think that getting your name out there would be a priority but apparently not for this company. I hope that AAA did not pay too much for the shipping because that company is not investing anything in its delivery trucks. We here at Yarbrough Bros Towing just restored one of our Tow Trucks and "wrapped" two of our flatbeds while putting new decals and letterings/logos on all three. The cost's were not cheap but the results were imperative and necessary to our company branding. In addition to the AWESOME service that our team provides, the customers see the detail and professionalism with which our trucks are held to and associate that with the care and detail we will take with their vehicles. Obviously, all fleets have the equipment that is on the end side of their cycle (getting ready to rotate out, be sold or retired) and they will show some of their age, but not the obvious lack of care and respect for ones company as this shipping company has for their van. All in all, you only get one chance for a first impression and a company should make the most out of that opportunity. We constantly see commercial trucks (some tow trucks included) missing the proper CA numbers, size lettering, clear and concise company logo's and contact info on their cabs. Heck, we have even seen a few trucks (not including repo trucks) without LIGHT BARS for gosh sakes, how can you safely respond to an accident or breakdown blocking traffic with that. Anyway, take pride in your equipment and company image. Its what people see first.

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