Responding to an accident

One of my friends the other day asked me "i bet you see all kinds of crashes in your business" which got me thinking about the topic of today's blog. Accident response in the Towing world.

Without a doubt, the most adrenalin rush there is in the world of Towing is when you are dispatched to an accident or recovery with Officers standing by and you have little to no details of the loss. That is not always the case with most rotation calls as the dispatcher will usually have some sort of information so that you/they can get the proper equipment rolling. However, in the light duty towing field, if CHP, or some other public agency calls you and your company to respond to a rollover, recovery or collision, you more than likely will only have a bit of the information such as location with a cross street and hopefully a vehicle description.

With this lack of details in mind, it only strengthens my belief and the practices of Yarbrough Bros Towing, that you do a thorough and complete pre trip of your truck and equipment before your shift begins. It is absolutely unacceptable to roll and respond to an accident without the right equipment and tools to do the job accordingly.

Here is one of the more interesting ones;

Get a call from CHP to meet an officer out on Bennett Valley Rd near Old Bennett and from that point the Officer is going to show me where the truck (white ford ranger) is located. Interestingly enough, our dispatch mentioned that CHP wanted to make sure that we brought enough wire rope, chains or straps to reach approximately 200 feet. So i head out there in the Medium Duty 230 (my favorite) and meet up with the Officer. He then takes me across the field a hundred feet, through some brush & trees about 50 more, then down across a small creek (30 more feet) to find a ford ranger that is just MANGLED. It took over an hour total to snatch off two trees, down the hill and across the creek (plus ramping 4"x4" s) to get the truck to hop the creek before i could actually see the rear of this truck from the back of my wrecker. While this is going on not only is it raining, but i tramp right through to patches of poison oak/ivy whatever you call it and several passer byes start showing up. Well, I got it out, towed it to the yard and oh by the way, the driver of the vehicle was no where to be found and come to find out, they had crashed the day before and just left it on the property owners land.

Tomorrow i will post a recovery that i did from Mark West Springs Rd that the first company that went out could not find for two hours before the CHP called us.

Thanks for checking in.

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