Recovery on Markwest Springs Rd

Hello there Santa Rosa. I mentioned yesterday about a recovery I did several months ago where the CHP called us out to get it as the first responding company, Santa Rosa Towing, according the the customer, could not find it the day before under AAA. Now this could have been due to bad weather, maybe it was dark out, I do not know, I do know that this time, CHP & the vehicle owner were going to meet me at the corner of Old Redwood Highway to have me follow them up to the loss scene. Well when we go there, sure enough, the Green SUV was some 75 feet down the cliff through several trees and shrubs as well as a fence. So, i went ahead and got geared up in my cover-all's and gloves (prepared to avoid poison oak this time) and trekked on down. One of the tools I carry in my truck are clippers & wire cutters just in case. Well, it took me about 10 minutes to cut all the deer fencing way from the rear axle of this SUV before i could start the recovery. This was a cool one because not only did i have to lift it out of the gully, but i had to right it on all four wheels first. It had jumped about 20 feet and landed on its side. Well, i cleared the debris and wiring, terminated my recovery chains & shackles to the axles and rolled it onto the wheels then proceeded to snatch pull it up the side. Another cool facet of this recovery is that i had to do it from a parallel position and toward the right front of my truck as the traffic on Markwest was pretty consistent at that time of day and the Officer and I agreed to NOT block traffic. So, i continued the recovery, got it up onto the roadway, turning it so that the rear was facing my rear and proceeded to hook it up (with Dollies for the flat front suspension). It took just over an hour total time to pull the SUV up, hook it up for tow & then take it to Larkfield Body & Paint just down the road from the loss. That road is not my favorite area for towing or recovery but it has offered some cool experiences in the past. Challenges like those always reaffirm our belief in continual training.

I will talk tomorrow about a vehicle that i had to pull out of a apartment, off a porch and past 100 feet of landscaping over near Sonoma Avenue that was another cool recovery. Stay tuned.

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