Airbag safety at an accident scene

Yesterday afternoon, while Towing in Santa Rosa, Yarbrough Bros Towing responded to a three car accident that required all three vehicles be towed. Well when we arrived to the scene, two of the three vehicles had the Airbags deployed from impact and the third had not. This gave me an idea for today's blog topic of Airbag safety after a collision. With any vehicle that is involved in a collision where the airbag has not deployed, it is extremely important that you or anyone for that matter, use caution when entering the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Yarbrough Bros Towing Facebook page

Just wanted to let you know that on the Yarbrough Bros Towing Facebook page we have started a Company Profile section for our drivers that you can check out and write compliments and comments about them. Check it out, it is kinda fun.

Safe practices & procedures for Towing

Any of the drivers that i have trained will tell you my favorite saying is "minimize your exposure to risk". This term encompasses so much more than just trying to be safe or working safer. It is a philosophy that when employed daily, will help every driver with the ultimate goal of finishing the day/night shift and going home safe. A few tips to minimizing your exposure to risk are as follows.

On the freeway, wear your class 3 safety vest. Not only is it the law, it is easy to do. Slip it on and be visible.

New Years Eve Tipsy Tow Program

Yarbrough Brothers Towing will be participating in the "Tipsy Tow" program as a joint venture with AAA National this New Years Eve.
The “Tipsy Tow” program is for motorists who feel they have had too much to drink to drive home safely. Motorists, not just AAA members, can call 1-800-222-4357 (AAA-HELP), and they will be provided a free tow and a ride home during the period beginning 6:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m. on the day of the Tipsy Tow.
The purpose of the program is to reduce the number of intoxicated motorists on our roads by offering them a safer alternative for getting home.

True Cost of a DUI in California

As the New Years Eve of 2010 is at hand, the "Avoid the 13" Sonoma County task force would like to advise drivers what the TRUE Cost of a DUI in California can be.

Take into consideration that this scenario is ruling out any property damage, personal injury or 3rd party liability.

*some penalties and fees vary by community.

A DUI 1st Offense in Sonoma County can cost upwards of $12,000 to $15,000.

Google told me to call you for TOWING, Santa Rosa

Every day should be an opportunity to learn something new. I live by that, and hopefully promote it to my drivers here at Yarbrough Bros Towing. Well today i was Towing in Santa Rosa and dispatch sent me a call on Hearn near Stony Point Rd. It was going to be a short TOW and as i arrived on scene and proceeded to hook up to the Honda, i asked the customer how she had heard about Yarbrough Bros Towing.

a winter wet road advisory

A long standing company policy for Yarbrough Bros Towing has been to give our drivers a Wet Road Advisory anytime there is a bit of rain and the chance of slick roads. The Wet Road Advisory is just a reminder to those driving in inclement weather to decrease their speed on the roadways, increase the distances between vehicles on the road and to be EXTRA cautious while driving. While Towing in Santa Rosa, specifically on Sonoma Hwy near Brush Creek and Farmers lane a few days ago, i came across two accidents that were a direct result of wet roads and following too close.

Towing vehicles with or without keys

It has long been a policy of Yarbrough Bros Towing to only tow a vehicle if the keys to that vehicle are present. The are a few exceptions to that rule, one being a direct towing authorization by a public agency (180), and two, responding to an accident that the keys were mistakenly taken with the driver in an ambulance. However, for the most part, it is much safer to tow a vehicle if the keys to that vehicle are with it.

Video Blog #3. A few tips to help you improve your vehicles fuel efficiency.

Hello Sonoma County, here is our Video Blog #3 with a few tips that may help you increase your vehicles fuel efficiency.


Video Blog #2-quick list of items to keep in your personal vehicle.

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