AAA & Yarbrough Bros Towing participate in Tipsy Tow Program

AAA sponsors a Tipsy Tow Program that offers both AAA and non-AAA members a free 5 mile tow from any party for drivers that drink to their home or hotel during certain holiday nights or festivities. The tow will cover your vehicle for up to five miles from the bar, restaurant or party to YOUR home or a hotel. The program is intended to keep intoxicated drivers off the roadways. There will be room for the up to two people in the tow truck. Services that are NOT covered under the Tipsy Tow program are tire changes, fuel delivery, lock outs, jump starts or a tow to another party.

CTTA Light Duty Level 1 Training & Certification

Hello Sonoma County (and surrounding Redwood CTTA Chapter members). Just a reminder that the upcoming CTTA Level 1 Light Duty Training & Certification class is coming up on March 20th & 21st being held in Sebastopol. Registration is now being handled directly by CTTA out of their Palmsprings office. For more information on training and what the class entails check out CTTA's website at and click on training.

Four most common car troubles on the road.

The four most common car troubles are; Flat tires, out of gas, lock outs and dead batteries. The first of the four is flat tires. Obviously a road hazard can destroy even the newest of tires. However, some simple preventative maintanence can help minimize the exposure to tire failure. First, inspect your vehicles tires regularly for low pressure, cuts or guages, bulges and uneven tread wear. Tire pressure should be checked when it is cold to get an accurate reading. Also, use a high quality tire guage as some service station guages can be inaccurate.

Highway/Freeway Safety

Safety tip. If you do break down on a highway or freeway, pull to the right shoulder (if possible) safely & remain in your vehicle with your seatbelt on until help arrives. Once the help is there, if you have to get out of your vehicle, remain on the off traffic side of the vehicle & do not EVER stand between the vehicles. ALSO, try to keep your view towards oncoming traffic if at all possible. Traffic moves pretty fast on both Highway 101 and Highway 12 through Santa Rosa so be safe out there Sonoma County.

Things to keep in your vehicle

Here is a list of items you should always have handy:

  • Jumper Cables
  • Small Tool Kit
  • First-aid Kit & Blankets
  • Bottled Drinking Water
  • Flashlight (w/good batteries)
  • Roll of Duct tape
  • Road Flares (60minutes worth)
  • Map of area where you are traveling
  • Cell phone w/charger

If you DON'T have these things and you are in Santa Rosa, at least have Yarbrough Bros Towing phone number, 707-584-5000.

Damage Free Towing

Just the other day we took a call from a customer in Rohnert Park. She told us that she had a damaged car from an accident and that she wanted it towed to Pick n Pull in Windsor. We gave her a quote for a flatbed tow which she frustratingly stated, "no no no, it is damaged, so it should be free. Don't you guys do DAMAGE FREE Towing." Just had to laugh at that one.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on your vehicle can go a long way to minimizing your chances of having a breakdown. Talk to your mechanic during your next visit and let them know your driving habits, when you are planning a road trip or if they see anything that COULD be a problem down the road. A little work now can avoid a lot of work later and hopefully save you some hard earned money.

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