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Responding to an accident

One of my friends the other day asked me "i bet you see all kinds of crashes in your business" which got me thinking about the topic of today's blog. Accident response in the Towing world.

Have a Plan!

You often hear about having a Plan. Whether it's a disaster plan (a very good idea by the way), fire plan or plan of attack, being prepared with a plan can eliminate confusion, delay in achieving a goal or simply not being able to complete a task that you set out to do. This is my topic this afternoon; having a plan of attack for a successful work day in the Towing business.

Facts regarding Driving Distracted

The following information can be found at Whether you drive a company vehicle, commute to and from work or just jot around Santa Rosa, this issue is very important. Driving while distracted has become a dangerous practice Nationally as well as Locally.

What Is Distracted Driving?

There are three main types of distraction:

• Visual — taking your eyes off the road
• Manual — taking your hands off the wheel
• Cognitive — taking your mind off what you’re doing

Tips to help avoid distracted driving.

This is a youtube video put out by the motorclub with some very helpful information.  Check it out.


Cold Weather Expected to Hit North Bay.

As you know, the cold weather is still here and News Stations are predicting snow at Sea level. As such, black ice, slippery when wet and wet road advisories will be in place for the roadways of Sonoma County. Anticipate the unexpected and give yourself and other drivers an extra cushion. Adhere to the wet road advisory of decreasing your speeds on the roads and highways, increasing your following distances between vehicles and drive extra cautious to give yourself more reaction time.

Safe Driving & Towing Practices

Earlier this Month I blogged about a 3 car accident that Yarbrough Bros Towing responded to while Towing in Santa Rosa. Another topic came to mind as a result of witnessing this crash scene. Safe Driving Practices in accord with driving a commercial vehicle. Obviously, the people involved in this accident were recipients of a failure to adhere to safe driving practices. The most common vehicle accident is a rear-ender. These are more likely caused by inattention or distraction than speed.

Airbag safety at an accident scene

Yesterday afternoon, while Towing in Santa Rosa, Yarbrough Bros Towing responded to a three car accident that required all three vehicles be towed. Well when we arrived to the scene, two of the three vehicles had the Airbags deployed from impact and the third had not. This gave me an idea for today's blog topic of Airbag safety after a collision. With any vehicle that is involved in a collision where the airbag has not deployed, it is extremely important that you or anyone for that matter, use caution when entering the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Yarbrough Bros Towing Facebook page

Just wanted to let you know that on the Yarbrough Bros Towing Facebook page we have started a Company Profile section for our drivers that you can check out and write compliments and comments about them. Check it out, it is kinda fun.

Safe practices & procedures for Towing

Any of the drivers that i have trained will tell you my favorite saying is "minimize your exposure to risk". This term encompasses so much more than just trying to be safe or working safer. It is a philosophy that when employed daily, will help every driver with the ultimate goal of finishing the day/night shift and going home safe. A few tips to minimizing your exposure to risk are as follows.

On the freeway, wear your class 3 safety vest. Not only is it the law, it is easy to do. Slip it on and be visible.

True Cost of a DUI in California

As the New Years Eve of 2010 is at hand, the "Avoid the 13" Sonoma County task force would like to advise drivers what the TRUE Cost of a DUI in California can be.

Take into consideration that this scenario is ruling out any property damage, personal injury or 3rd party liability.

*some penalties and fees vary by community.

A DUI 1st Offense in Sonoma County can cost upwards of $12,000 to $15,000.

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