If my vehicle needs to be towed, should it go on a flat bed or behind a tow truck?

That depends on a few things.  First, is your vehicle all wheel drive?  If so, it should be towed on a flat bed car carrier.  Yarbrough Bros Towing can tow your all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle with a conventional tow truck (wrecker) however, we would have to utilize our dollies to lift all four wheels off of the ground.  The limits with dollies are weight (2900lbs) and speed (under 50mph) as well as some larger tires will not fit in the dollies.  Most four wheel drive trucks and SUV's should also be towed on a flat bed car carrier to eliminate the possiblity of transmission damage (unless tow specifications from the manufacturer allow towing with two of the wheels spinning freely on the ground).  Another consideration is distance, if you are going a far distance in tow, more often than not, a car carrier is the preferred mode of transport.  If your vehicle is two wheel drive and we have access to the drive wheels (FWD or RWD), AND there is no clearance issue with the car/trucks undercarriage, oil pan, front or rear bumpers and/or exhaust (mainly lowered vehicles) most of our wheel lift tow trucks can accommodate them with a basic tow.