Recovery on a F550 dump truck

So i get a call on an F550 Dump truck up in Healdsburg. Real nice guy doing some hauling got stuck slightly off the road in a field before he could dump his mulch. I headed up there in 230 and when i arrived on the scene, not only was he stuck, but he was stuck up to the frame on the left rear side and the four wheel drive had dug in up to the rear axle. Fortunately he was only a few feet from pavement so i was able to back up pretty close to him, use a good 30 degree angle, four snatch blocks to even the casualty load out onto four lines and lift him up and out of the rut. It just seemed heavier than the math i was doing in my head. Come to find out, the mulch was WET. He probably had 5 tons in the back of that dump truck. He was just surprised that the ground was still so soft out there.

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