Mobile battery service & sales

One of the main reasons people get stuck is because their vehicle battery loses its power. We have you covered! Let one of our seven Battery Service Vehicles come to you.

We professionally test your car or truck battery and its charging system. Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, we will provide you with a printout of the general health of these systems and check for electrical drains that could be causing problems. If needed, we can sell you a new battery with a 3-year free replacement warranty and haul your old battery away for recycling. We also offer “Battery Tenders,” new battery cable connections, and clamps. We can also jump-start your vehicle if your lights were left on or your battery was inadvertently drained.

Yarbrough Tow Mobile Battery Service

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Accident response towing

We have twelve specialized Car Carriers that are can safely tow your car or light duty truck, be it four wheel drive, all wheel drive or dually.

Emergency Road Service

Our state of the art computer dispatch system allows us to digitally communicate with all of our trucks and drivers 24 hours a day.

Mobile battery service & sales

Let one of our seven Battery Service Vehicles come to you. If needed, we can jump start your vehicle or provided you with a new battery.