Rohnert Park Recovery

Tuesday morning we received a call from a fence Company based in San Leandro. They had a truck that was stuck in a field in Rohnert Park. They asked my dispatch if we handled "towing in Rohnert Park" and if we could send someone out to help them. After a few questions by dispatch, it was discovered that the truck was literally stuck 150 feet in the middle of a field, up to its axles. The truck was only a 1 ton dually but it had a 12 foot stake bed on it and was loaded with fencing materials. Well out I went in 230 (Medium Duty Truck) to assess the scene. I could not get it from straight on as the driver had been trying to turn around in the field when he sank. Yes some of the fields on the west side of 101 in Rohnert Park (Sonoma County for that matter) are still soft. I was able to reach high enough with the boom, attach two recovery chains to the rear frame and pull up and out to swing the rear around for a straight pull. Anyone who does recoveries knows that the first couple of seconds are the hardest during the initial pull as it comes up and out of the muck. 230 was loading her suspension then i hear a swwwwuckkk noise as the chevy pulled right out. Anyways, we appreciated the call from the Company and the drivers were happy as i was able to respond, hook up and pull them out all in the hour minimum. So again, if you did not already know this, yes Yarbrough Brothers Towing does respond to towing in Rohnert Park, all types of service calls and such for both Rohnert Park and Cotati.

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