Towing vehicles with or without keys

It has long been a policy of Yarbrough Bros Towing to only tow a vehicle if the keys to that vehicle are present. The are a few exceptions to that rule, one being a direct towing authorization by a public agency (180), and two, responding to an accident that the keys were mistakenly taken with the driver in an ambulance. However, for the most part, it is much safer to tow a vehicle if the keys to that vehicle are with it. For one thing, you can properly put the vehicle's transmission in neutral (automatics) and two, you can correct the steering to track straight or fit appropriately in the wheel lift. Often times, Yarbrough Bros Towing is requested to tow a vehicle on a flatbed because the keys were lost. Again, the vehicle must be able to shift into neutral to roll up the bed safely, the steering should be relatively straight and proof of ownership evident. The only qualifications to that would be, can we safely do it, is the vehicles registered owner present and/or is the commercial account prepared for the added cost to render the vehicle safe to tow not having keys present (ie,..dollies, skids, linkage disconnect, lockout, etc,). Some motor clubs have locksmith coverage and it is often a good suggestion to call them (locksmith) first to try and either make a key for the vehicle that will start it, or have a valet key made to facilitate it getting in a safe condition to tow. Safety is the primary concern as well as proof of ownership.

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