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Good morning Sonoma County Motorists. Recently, a representative from an internet promoting company contacted us here at Yarbough Bros Towing to sell us their services. In particular their services to promote our towing and better our Performance on search engines. One of the topics they stated was to better explain our services on such sites as google, yelp and other review platforms. This representative, sweet as they were, said we did not "do a good job of explaining who our customers were". It got me thinking, maybe there is a misunderstanding of who our customers are and what services we can provide to those different customers.

For example, we provide road service during peak commute hours on the Bay Area Freeways in a joint program sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways (SAFE), the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Two trucks designated solely to this FSP program, patrol the Hwy 101 from 6:30am to 9:30am an then 3:30pm to 6:30pm Monday through Friday providing free road side assistance (tire changes, jump starts, providing out of fuel service and the occasional tow off the freeway to a designated drop site for safety.

We also provide Emergency Road Service to AAA members for the Automobile Association of America and its affiliate here in California, Northern California Nevada Utah (NCNU/AAA). This "contract" requires certain qualifications and criteria to be meet in order to provide services under the policy and guidelines supplied and enforced by NCNU/AAA. Customers often think that our yellow and blue trucks are "AAA" trucks because they all look the same, are dispatched by NCNU/AAA and all the drivers have the AAA logos on them. Well, to a certain perception, they are, however, when running these calls for AAA, the members must meet these guidelines for service that are PROVIDED by NCNU/AAA such as, the vehicle must be currently registered and insured for on road use. The vehicle cannot have been purchased in non running condition and qualify for service, the member must be present at the time of service (when safe to do so) and the vehicle cannot be unsafe to tow (such as projects, restorations or constructed or modified in such a way to hinder the safe providing of such service. The true "nature" of AAA's emergency road service is just that, to provide road service to vehicles that broke down while being legally operated on the roadways and highways not a convenience or courtesy transport service. That is what members dues and policies state, but often times, the exclusions are not communicated to the members by the club.

We also have Public Agency calls that we respond to such as CHP, SRPD, RPDPS, Sheriff and Cotati Pd. All of those agencies require strict adherence to the Tow Service Agreement and stringent rules and regulations to respond to those calls. Insurance must be in place, liability protected, back ground checks on drivers (very similar to the NCNU/AAA rules), drug testing enforcements and equipment criteria. There are also policies that must be followed for the storage and release of vehicles that are impounded by such PAC's. All in an attempt to remove vehicles from the roadways that were either involved in traffic accidents or law infringements.

We also do commercial work for business such as dealerships, mechanics, body shops and small business fleets. These types of accounts are set up on a case by case but they are all to do the same thing, provide road service or towing to their fleet.

Lastly, there is the motorist that simply calls us for service whether it be a jumpstart, out of gas, a lock out, tire change or a tow, they call us directly and we respond for a fee.

It always amazes me when a AAA member gets upset because we cannot provide service under 'THEIR MEMBERSHIP & CLUB" due to a policy exclusion that is in THEIR membership, not our Company policy. An example would be, a AAA member wants to tow their stored project Mustang (unregistered) out of a storage facility to a shop. Well this service is not covered under the AAA guideline for three reasons; unregistered, project car and coming out of a storage facility. Non of those criteria meet the nature of Emergency Road Service. However, Yarbrough Bros Towing can facilitate that type of tow on a commercial basis where the owner of the vehicle or shop, is paying for it as our customer, but when the Motor Club is paying for it, and specifically excludes that scenario, they as the ultimate customer responsible for payment dictates what service can be rendered.

A lot of people also do not realize that their "motorclub" provides road side assistance or towing in lieu of Collision or Comprehensive automobile insurance that would be responsible for the towing under a claim. Insurance would be primary above the membership. Most memberships are only good for a few uses per year as opposed to a claim can be filed for every accident or loss that is covered under the Insurance policy.

WHEW, what a bunch of terms and info.

Anyway, we did not go with them because we have this venue to explain. Or just call us and we can answer all your questions regarding our awesome PERFOMANCETOWING in Santarosatowing since 1977. We ARE Santa Rosa's #1 Towing Company.

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