a cool Santa Rosa Tow in hot weather

Although the local weather is starting to feel more like winter, Sonoma County did have a few hot days earlier this month and they reminded me of a tow Towingsantarosa that we did where a vehicle had overheated and the customer had been waiting for quite some time for an obscure road club. The customer had elected to call us directly and when Yarbrough Bros Towing responded quickly, she was very relieved. Apparently the other company that was called to help her, was not going to be there for over an hour and she had already been on the side of the road for close to 30 minutes. She was broken down on southbound 101 at the break check. I asked her if we could check the car out which she agreed to and what we found was that the clamp to the upper radiator hose had come off and she had lost some water and coolant. She asked if we carried water, too which i replied yeah, about 5 gallons. Her idea was that if i could add water and she could drive home it would not cost her that much for service. I slipped the upper hose back on, tightened it with some bailing wire, added barely a gallon of water and advised her to turn her heater fan on, keep a good eye on the temperature and stay in the slow lane giving her the typical safety admonishment. I also carry bottled water in my truck so i offered her a couple of bottles as it was going to get hot in the car which she took me up on. Well she made it home and called our office later that day to thank us as her husband was able to buy the clamp and do the repairs themselves which saved her even more. Pretty Cool.

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