towlocal with Yarbrough Bros Towing

You have probably heard of the "Go Local" coop campaign of independent businesses here in Sonoma County. From Bank Local to Repair Local, GO LOCAL is a network of locally-owned businesses, residents, non-profit organizations, and government agencies working together to build a resilient, thriving, local economy by supporting local, independently owned businesses and promoting sustainable practices. That means that our Sonoma County dollars are spent here in support of Sonoma County residents and businesses. In that spirit, Yarbrough Bros Towing, owner of, is happy to support both the coop and the push to Tow Local here in Sonoma County and Santa Rosa. Lets get your vehicle to a tried and trusted local mechanic or repair shop who ultimately has your best interest at heart. By supporting the Tow Local to a shop here in Sonoma County you are promoting that business which is paying taxes here in our home County, employing local residents and even raising families here as well. Yarbrough Bros Towing puts a priority on local tows over the out of town long distance towing for three reasons. 1). our resources stay in town and can maintain a quicker response time to our customers in need of emergency road service. 2). local service and towing helps reduce the carbon footprint in our county by actually reducing idle time and congested traffic on our local roadways by keeping our Sonoma County motorists on the go and 3). we are supporting the local repair facilities in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County by your patronage.

So if you are in need of a jump start, a lockout, a tire change or a short tow, please call Yarbrough Bros Towing. The "Tow Local" Emergency Road Side Service Provider.

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