wet road advisory.

Cold Weather Expected to Hit North Bay.

As you know, the cold weather is still here and News Stations are predicting snow at Sea level. As such, black ice, slippery when wet and wet road advisories will be in place for the roadways of Sonoma County. Anticipate the unexpected and give yourself and other drivers an extra cushion. Adhere to the wet road advisory of decreasing your speeds on the roads and highways, increasing your following distances between vehicles and drive extra cautious to give yourself more reaction time.

a winter wet road advisory

A long standing company policy for Yarbrough Bros Towing has been to give our drivers a Wet Road Advisory anytime there is a bit of rain and the chance of slick roads. The Wet Road Advisory is just a reminder to those driving in inclement weather to decrease their speed on the roadways, increase the distances between vehicles on the road and to be EXTRA cautious while driving. While Towing in Santa Rosa, specifically on Sonoma Hwy near Brush Creek and Farmers lane a few days ago, i came across two accidents that were a direct result of wet roads and following too close.

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