Frequently Asked Questions

First, contact the public agency that had the vehicle impounded. They may require a release form (and fee) to authorize the vehicles release. At that point, call us with the date it was towed, what agency had it towed, and the license plate number and we can advise what the fees are and how to recover your vehicle.

Our towing and roadside services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, our business office is only open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and closed most major holidays.

Our average response time is within 20 minutes of receiving your call. However, certain times of the day and inclement weather can play a role in delaying our arrival. Busy mornings when we experience a high call volume may result in a 30 to 45 minute estimated time of arrival. Special equipment requests, such as a flat bed or medium duty truck, can also add to the response time.

Call us. We will respond to the accident scene and safely tow you to the body shop of your choice. If you do not have a shop in mind and you have full insurance coverage on your car we can tow you to our storage facility and secure it for your insurance company to inspect it.

That depends on a few things.  First, is your vehicle all wheel drive?  If so, it should be towed on a flat bed car carrier.  Yarbrough Bros Towing can tow your all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle with a conventional tow truck (wrecker) however, we would have to utilize our dollies to lift all four wheels off of the ground.  The limits with dollies are weight (2900lbs) and speed (under 50mph) as well as some larger tires will not fit in the dollies.  Most four wheel drive trucks and SUV's should also be towed on a flat bed car carrier to eliminate the possiblity of transmission damage (unless tow specifications from the manufacturer allow towing with two of the wheels spinning freely on the ground).  Another consideration is distance, if you are going a far distance in tow, more often than not, a car carrier is the preferred mode of transport.  If your vehicle is two wheel drive and we have access to the drive wheels (FWD or RWD), AND there is no clearance issue with the car/trucks undercarriage, oil pan, front or rear bumpers and/or exhaust (mainly lowered vehicles) most of our wheel lift tow trucks can accommodate them with a basic tow.

We hear this one a lot.  Whether you break down in Sonoma County and are going to have the car or truck towed back to Santa Rosa or are broken down in the Bay Area, in the Sacramento Area or further up North and want to be towed back to Santa Rosa, Yarbrough Bros Towing can help.  Our rates for the hook up & the mileage is the same going from Santa Rosa to whatever destination as it would be for going to the vehicle's break down location out of our area and bringing it back to Santa Rosa.  The only thing too worry about is if you are in a safe location and can afford to wait for us to get to you (usually only driving time from Santa Rosa).  So if you live in or around Santa Rosa, and you break down anywhere, give us a call at 707-584-5000 and we can help you figure out what option is best for you.